Read below for our perspective on being a "follower"...

The Shop is not a prescription, a program, or an answer to your personal training goals. We don’t claim to have the answers or always know what we’re doing. We experiment each week and try to form conclusions or hypothesis about the results, but in the end it’s far from concrete. Therefore, since we have no idea who you are, what your background is, and what your capabilities are or are not, there is no way the work we do at The Shop is tailored specifically for you.

The posted “warm up” is only a guideline to prepare us for the work being done on that day. It is not complete. We may add or subtract, change, or modify the warm up depending on the individual or how our bodies are reacting in that moment. You know your body better than anyone, based on what you’re getting ready to do - prepare it accordingly.

The “work” section is not a program intended to be followed blindly. The members of “The Shop” vary widely in the degree to which the posted work is followed. We don’t all follow what’s posted day in and day out and believe that a person should take responsibility for guiding their own fitness. The loads, duration, and types of efforts one partakes in should reflect their personal goals and time frame regarding those objectives.

If you do any of the work posted at “The Shop” just remember that it was your choice, take responsibility, and based on your fitness level - scale accordingly. No one recommended, suggested, or designed this programming for you. It’s simply a glimpse into what we are currently doing and things we have done in the past.